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dreams and justin bieber's new dream job. the victoria secret angels give a sneak peek of their new ?;sho. >> you know6z what i noticed abt these girls? they all have great hair. >> beautiful hair. love them all. >> that's dash cam video from a patrol car of a traffic stop that quickly became scary. you see officers with their guns drawn there were three people in this car and they ended up arresting everybody. you're about t.'r see why. they opened the trunk. yes, there is someone in the trunk of this car. let me tell you how this man got there. this man is actually an employee at a circle k. s shop. one of his customers asked him %$ a tire iron. he handed it over. he did see thisfá woman and two men outside struggling with their own car. when the store was closed he started walking to his car and saw these three people trying to steal a tire from his car. he confronted them. one of the men starting attacking him. they put a towel over his head, bound his wrists, stuffed him in the trunk of the car. they said it's nothing personal. we just need your car. then went around town for severa
do you do if you're stuck in the atlanta airport? >> if you're one of justin bieber's back-up dancers -- you dance! >>> nothing quite like the feeling of flight. yes, two people here in a tandem ultralight flying slow and low over the gorgeous countryside, it looks like fall time, the colors on the ground are spectacular. don't you want to be up there? >> this gives me chills, this is southeast and this is how beautiful it is. >> chills, you say? >> yeah. >> how about now, when the engine sounds goes like this. >> the roar of the engine suddenly turns to more of a -- purr. the ultralight immediately starts to lose altitude. you see the pilot's helmet cam looking around. you see nothing but a sea of trees. luckily a rural road appears. >> a small ribbon of safety through the trees and down they come. >> oh boy. >> you're okay. >> the small craft hits the ground first, but then watch close up ahead there's a signpost. >> the wing clips the signpost and that's the second crash you hear. that sends it off into the bushes. >> you're okay. kathy, you're okay, babe. >> there's not a whole lo
dad woke me up, he was like bieber tweeted me? bieber tweeted me! >> like the justin bieber tweeted you? >> yes. >> what did he say? >> he said this guy has game, he can rap. nice. >> that's a nice little christmas present. how did you get this starring role in this performance? >> there was nobody in my class that knew how who to do it so i volunteered. >> dad what did you think? >> my blackberry woke me up. i saw justin bieber, and then i decided to wake up jaden. that's when things started going crazy. >> what did it feel like having all the honeys surround you after justin bieber tweeted you? >> it felt good. sometimes i felt crowded. >> welcome to fame, my friend. >> would you do a bit of the rap for us now? ♪ ♪ >> whoa! >> it's about this time of year that i start getting pretty sick of christmas tunes. so i'm bringing you a new one, infused with rock, fury and fire! ♪ >> you do realize this is an actual christmas carol? >> of course it is, but it's rocked out with pyrotechnics that are in tune to the guitar. >> i think it's really cool. you have to appeal to the did t
's cold. >> see how these phillies got reigned in big time. >>> justin bieber is on stage for a concert when -- >> he starts getting really annoyed. >> you guys -- >> what happened that made the beebs go ballistic. >> why parcour when you can carkour. the stunt that will have you saying -- >> i have a film trailer that i think is going to blow your mind. ♪ this is a trailer for a movie called "chasing ice." it's a film put together by the cooperative and james balog. what we're seeing at the beginning of the trailer is a glacier in greenland. the breaking away of ice from a glacier. what you're seeing is the largest iceberg breaking away film. >> spectacular and cool to see but i'm concerned. >> the goal behind the film is to showcase global warming. >> imagine manhattan, all those buildings start to rumble and quake and peel off and just fall over and fall over and roll around. >> these pieces of glacier, they're 300 feet tall. this piece of ice that's coming out of the water comes out and is 600 feet tall. >> how do they know to be there? >> they were in this area for quite some tim
fanatic. how investigators uncovered a plan, a very disturbed plan, to kill justin bieber. >> bizarre story of the morning there. >>> also, cracking down. the government's major move to prevent deadly wrong-way driving. ♪ ♪ i woke up to a feeling ♪ every little thing has meaning ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we've added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our kraft natural cheese to make it creamier so whatever you make isn't just good, it's amazing. ♪ amazing with the love that i found ♪ ♪ i had[ designer ]eeling enough of just covering upnd ♪ my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. s
a murder plot with justin bieber as the target. >>> millions of relief dollars raised in the greatest collection of rock 'n' rollers and major personalities all in one place. good morning to you. with just 19 days left until america goes off that fiscal cliff, tensions are rising. house speaker john boehner is warning his fellow republicans not to make any christmas plans and tea party conservatives are in no mood to negotiate on tax hikes. >> i tell them come to me after you've gotten rid of all the spending. come to me when you get rid of the $3 million you spent last year to watch monkeys on methamphetamine. come to me after you pay for the money you spent on watching a robotic squirrel. >> tracie potts is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. no movement to report in the fiscal cliff. we can tell that you across the country mayors and governors are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact back home. there's growing angst on capitol hill over the fiscal cliff. >> figure it out. >> it's really time to get serious. >> reporter: mayors are getting nervous. >> congre
today -- in the tv commercials you watch. >>> plot to murder justin bieber. why a man you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish, they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow ! awesome ! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish ! so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. . >>> the loaning awaited return of the google maps app is hitting apple devices this morning nearly three months after apple replaced google maps with its own mapping app which was plagued with wrong or missing information. google says the new iphone app is a major improvement. >>> those annoying super loud commercials should be a thing of the past. starting today new law says tv commerci
pluses with justin bieber was foiled when they tuck a wrong person. dana martin a convicted killer imprisoned in new mexico. martin has an image of bieber on his leg and plotted to kill him after his attempts to contact the singer failed. his so-called hit men were on the way to new york to kill bieber when they missed their exit. they were stopped by border patrol agents in canada. >>> an offensive restaurant raw seat may result in a lawsuit. three women were outraged after discovering the words "fat girls" at the top of their check. the restaurant's bartender typed it in to help identify the table. the women say they now have an attorney and are considering a suit. legal experts say it may be a tough case to win because being over wait is not a constitutionally protected status. >>> check your iphone. the long awaited google maps is coming up, possibly sometime tonight. neither google nor apple would comment. it would be a welcome addition for iphone users who were unhappy with the apple made replacent in. >> if you have been watching abc7 you know we have been raising food for t
of a murder in belize. >> and the justin bieber murder plot. why a man was so determined to kill the pop star. >> and they were labeled fat on a restaurant receipt. >>> a bizarre new twist in the case of software tycoon john mcafee after eluding investigators in belize where he is wanted for questioning on a murder of his neighbor. he is no i back in the united states. ama dates is live with this story for us. >> carolyn, john mcafee went to guatemala to avoid police, but he spent the last week in a detention facility. today he was flown to the e was being held in a detention center in guatemala for immigration violations after he escaped questioning in bough lead about the murder of one of his neighbors. his miami hotel he described to reporters what happened when his plane landed in the u.s. >> they had everybody sit down they said is john mcafee on the plane, then please come forward. they said we are here to help you. come here want to come here and talk to me, i would be more than happy to talk. >> he told bloomburg news he was concerned about police in belize putting their hands on him.
. that means beaver will be out of our lives sooner rather than later. >> how dare you? >> justin bieber is our generation's david cassidy. >> i rest my point. >> i watched the concert for sandy. >> i know what you are getting. >> i love robert but you are old. keep your shirt on. >> speak for yourself. >> did you just -- >> i just said he had a great looking chest. >> you know what tom is getting at which is important is rock stars have a hard time growing old. if you look at aerosmith's steven tyler he looks like an upper eastside elderly woman. he is covered in scarfs. he has no weight on him. he should be holding a little puppy and perhaps walking with a stroller and buying weird goods. from a pharmacy that isn't a brand name pharmacy, the kind that where things are cheap and dusty, you know? and the things he buys have those swrels on them. and you don't know what they are for. they are going to go in places -- >> bill, -- >> you have really thought about this. >> does it make you sad you will die as young as most rock stars, but without the benefits of being a rock star? >> i didn't until
, johnny depp gets a touch-up, jennifer lopez strikes a pose, and justin bieber gets ready for his adoring fans. of all the figures, which is the most challenging to keep in tip-top shape? >> justin bieber ranks number one. he is constantly getting kissed on both cheeks, and the girls are always all over him. his hair is always a mess. >> so, go ahead and plant a kiss on justin or george. they'll still be looking perfect tomorrow morning. >> we inspect the figures every single morning and then throughout the day. >> it typically takes three to six months to make a wax figure and it costs about $300,000, but since this is as close as most of us will ever get to the rich and famous, the experience here is priceless. for "tkn," i'm jacelyn. >> that's "teen kids news" for now. thanks for tuning in. >> we'll be back next week. see you then.
of kisses on justin bieber. take as many pictures as you want. it's a lot of fun. >> do you have a favorite? >> johnny depp. >> did you lay one on him? >> i gave him a hug. [ laughs ] >> the exhibits get a lot of personal attention, and that takes a toll. although all of the figures are made in madame tussauds london studio, it's up to the staff here to take care of them. so, early in the morning, before visitors arrive, technicians like emily make the rounds. she checks the hair of heroes like civil-rights champion rosa parks, makes sure eli manning and carmelo anthony are ready for action, fixes brad pitt's tie, and -- oh, yeah -- removes all that lipstick from george clooney's cheeks. >> on a daily basis, the most popular figures, like clooney, brad pitt, johnny depp, they got kissed all over, so they got lipstick on their face. >> what are the different things you need to do to the figures? >> well, we have to check on the hair, so if the hair doesn't have the right style anymore, we have to style it again. from a wardrobe point of view, because people can touch the figures and interact
, no love for justin bieber. our allstar panel will do the same. and activists protests sandwich going bad and getting our allstar panel will do the same. >> thanks, andy. we added all of my dates to the bus tour. >> when does it kick off? >> glad you asked. >> glad you wrote the question for me. >> december 15th to the 17th. find sout more at g it is worth checking out because the tour is so much fun. >> any proof of this so-called fun? >> here is a clip of what happened on the bus last week in alabama. >> we dropped him off in tennessee and part of him in kentucky. >> it does look like fun. i have to admit. >> maybe now you will stop making fun of me. >> i will wait this will half time and i have a question for you. >> see you later. wow, that was unprofessional. she is so hot she gives rugs lori roth man burns. i am here with lori rothman. and he is so sharp he sleeps in a scavard. he is "maxim" magazine'sed dore in chief. a delightful magazine. and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a three-legged race i would enter him with my boss at the company picn
news this morning. >>> the chilling plot to take down justin bieber, launched by a convicted killer to sent an elaborate message to his team. how he foiled his own plans and tipped off the police. ♪ rise up come on, rise up >>> and the stars come out for sandy. the biggest singers in the world rise up for a 12-12-12 benefit show for the ages. all for victims of the superstorm. the night ending in a massive chant, usa. just stop and listen to this incredible duo this morning. ♪ baby, we were born to run ♪ tramps like us baby, we were born to run ♪ >>> how about those jersey boys? springsteen and bon jovi. last night, what a night at madison square garden. so many stars coming together for the victims of sandy. there's paul mccartney playing with nirvana. we'll have a lot more of the amazing show right there. hello to robin at home. great to have amy robach here. and rachel smith is in for lara today. >>> and we have some chilling, new details about the gunman behind that horrifying shooting at the oregon mall. his ex-girlfriend is now speaking out, saying his behavior changed
stephen colbert to justin bieber. he says winning a grammy award is one of his goals but it won't happen this year. he didn't get a single nomination and he's not happy about it. we'll show you what's next. >> this portion of cbs "this morning" is sponsored by party city. dress up your holiday party. party city nobody has more party for less. ,,,, >>> this is a cbs 5 eyewitness news morning update. >>> good morning everyone. it's 7:56 i'm michelle griego. a man who fell at the oakland coliseum is hospitalized in serious condition this morning. he landed 30 feet below after the fall from the upper deck last night. as fans were gathered for a raiders game. investigators now say it was an accident. >>> today is pearl harbor day. it was 71 years ago today that japan attacked the u.s. military base in hawaii pulling our country into world war ii. in the bay area survivors of the attack will gather a top mount diablo for the annual lighting for the beacon. stay with us for traffic and weather in just a moment. nocke. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for
glaufsbusca de la . >>> sorprendimos en la la gran manzana a mac hunter el justine bieber latino >>> quÉ tal les saluda pamela c condes >>> y bÁrbara bermudo >>> comenzamos con el anuncio de la familia de jenni rivera esta tarde ante los fanÁticos. >>> asÍ es pamela, y salvador durÁn esta en vivo desde el cementerio, de long beach con este anuncio que se hizo recientemente, pasamos contigo salvador, kun taucuÉntanos y bu tardess para ti >>> buenas tardes barbai, bÁrba. hace una hora el hermano, de jenni rivera, el pastor pedro rivera dijo que no habrÁ funeral y mÁs haya dijo que no seran en los prÓximo els dÍs dÍas, si no probablemente en una o en dos semanas. entre tanto estos seguidores que ustedes ven aquÍ afuera del cementerio han estado acÁ prÁcticamente en vigilia, desde el dÍa en que se anunciÓ que se iba a enterrar jenni rivera en este lugar, y hoy dÍa estuvieron fÁcil aspecto que la de e en expectativa de la canciÓn que la familia pidiÓ a las 12 del dÍa tocaran. >>> en punto de las 12 del medio dÍa horas de los Ángeles, miles de ahÍ admiradores escucharon " g
this half hour of the show, justin bieber, the target of a possible murder. police uncover what they say was a plot literally to kill the superstar. >> kill but also torture. leading up. it's a very disturbing plot. >>> also ahead, bringing babies into a labor battle. the union workers using the sound of wailing babies as a weapon. >> i can't imagine anything more effective than the sound of a screaming child. ooh. >> you'll be much more apathetic when you have your own. >> perhaps. perhaps. in the meantime. >>> who is the most fascinating person of 2012? barbara walters shares her pick. it was unveiled last night during her special. interesting choice. you can see this person made a lot of big headlines this year. we're not going to reveal who it is, but interesting choice. stay tuned for that. barbara always comes up with a good list, 2012 no exception. >> yes. >>> but first, the search for a motive in that oregon mall shooting. those who knew him say jacob roberts say he was a friendly, outgoing type. >> but something changed drastically in the days before he opened fire. we get the l
for stealing items from that site. >>> a man serving two life sentences said he hatched a plot to kill justin bieber. an affidavit -- persuaded a man he met in prison and his nephew to kill the singer. he has a tattoo of the pop star on his leg. he was mad at bieber because he didn't respond to his letters. >>> the film lincoln received several nominations. best director and best actor. the other nominations are argo, djabngo unchained -- hbo lead with 17. five major >>> wall greens has agreed to pay 16 million dollars over an alleged dumping of -- sued the drug chain saying the stores illegally disposed toxic wastes. wall goesgreens did not acknowledge any wrong doing. >>> new legal action to save his business. the national sea shore was given 90 days to shut down. now the owner is seeking a restraining order against the federal government. this is in addition to a previous lawsuit. the owner purchased the form in 2004. >>> it's the highest tide of the year: king tide. it hit the coast today and will be back tomorrow. we'll show you what it look like this morning when it was at its peak. wat
this game anymore. >> justin bieber. >> african american. >> coma. >> love. >> i don't know why i said that. >> are you thinking i would love to be in a coma. >> r kelly. >> soul. >> have you ever seen him in concert? he was in l.a. over the weekend. two women were fighting over a seat. he didn't stop the song. he just goes ♪ security ♪ get over here and do your [ bleep ] job ♪ >> maybe we should start singing what is going on around here. >> you want to see the entire game head to our website, and click on best of rtm. >>> when you were kids did you dream of being a marine biologist? >> i loved it. >> now we get the deals like we accomplished our goal. this video was put together from marine biologists. and they are working. they are in this gorgeous setting. it looks like a wonderful scuba trip. this is their job. >> man. now i'm just jealous. >> now you are dreaming of being a marine biologist. >> at one point they are lip synci syncing. they are on the island and they are studying the ecology of the coral reef community. what is so great about this video is sin
light with michael tamaro. first up some scary news surrounding justin bieber. >> pop star justin bieber the c target of a murder plot? >> a convicted killer serving time in the new mexico -- she recruited two hit men to strangle bieber and his body guard at a concert. one man was in vermont the other in new york. >> hopefully he is okay. >>> prince william mreered the hobbit but he went dateless. >> prince william flying solo. his wife kate middleton said to be suffering a second doubt of extreme warning sickness after being hospitalized last week he was forced to cancel several pier rances. he is resting at home now. >> any word how he liked the movie? >> no, but it looks good. the hobbit an unexpected journey hits theaters tomorrow. looking forward to this one. >> big concert. lots of big stars billy joel, paul mccartney, bruce springsteen, 12-12-12. while we were sleeping royalty was rocking new york city to again p benefit those hit hard by super storm sandy. ♪ >> stones celebrating their 50th anniversary. jersey boys, bruce string steen and bon jovi teamed up for a special duet.
quickly. >>> just ahead, could justin bieber be banned in the philippines? find out what he did. >>> and it's a big budget battle at the hollywood weekend box office. your entertainment headlines are straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. in that time there've been some good days. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ or treat gas with these after you get it. now that's like sunblock before or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying, now i get it! take beano before and there'll be no gas. ♪ ♪ i want candy ♪ ♪ i want candy this week? taylor swift took her new boyfriend to a tattoo parlor in l.a. he got this giant ship on his arm. pretty -- look. there's his tattoo there. yeah. he's got some guns, too. but actually she got a tattoo as well. we have a close-up of the one she got. isn't that nice
, a celebrity murderer plot. singer justin bieber is allegedly targeted in a bizarre murder-for-hire scheme. geted in a bizarre murd murder-for-hire scheme. but now, with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. zyrtec-d® lets me breath freer, so i can love the air. [ male announcer ] zyrtec-d®. behind the pharmacy counter. no prescription needed. robbery suspects at c-s-u fullerton. plus: a hundred miles an hor through a bay area tunnel. n more surprising: the man bed the wheel. governor brown's newest figt isn't against lawmakers. his plan to beat cancer. and the search for answers w details about the gunman ine portland area mall shooting. who he was and who were his victims. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginn, >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in washington, sunny, 49 degrees. mostly sunny in atlanta. 58. sunny in st. louis, 52. denver, sunny, 50. increasing clouds, seattle, 44 degrees. >>> a bizarre report that a convicted murderer had a plan to kidnap and kill justin bieber. they w
. some of the other performers, bruce springstein and alicia keys. >>> no comments from justin bieber for reports to kill him and his bodyguard. a new mexican guy in a prison wanted to kidnap justin bieber and his bodyguard and cass trait him. he is so obsessed with him he had a tattoo of him on his leg. every precaution is being taken to ensure his safety along with his fans worldwide. >>> police say reports of stolen packages have gone up and they are warning customers, be careful when you order a package. police in fremont said they get reports of stolen packages and the rush gives criminals more chances to strike. they are expected to deliver 527 million packages this season and one man caught the criminal on surveillance cameras. >> just the way he did it, it seemed like he had gotten away with it a few times before. >> ups recommends a shipping method which requires a signature or you can reroute it to a different facility. >>> they want to hire the brightest and most talented. they say facebook is the best company to work for in the world. they chronicled an average of 5600 a m
. >>> it is involving justin bieber, what they are saying about an obsessed fan. >>> and social media is trying to persuade interns to drop out of school, stay tuned. . >>> investigators say a convicted killer in a new mexico prison was planning it, they wanted to kidnap justin bieber and his bodyguard and cass trait them. he is so obsessed with him, he has a tattoo on his leg and he apparently had second thoughts and called authorities. >>> they blame the captain that happened back in april. the yacht named low speed chase during the fair lons race died. they claim the deceased captain caused the tragedy by cutting corners during that race. the lawsuit is against james bradford who by the way survived the crash. >>> officers waved the building and they had up to 20 pounds a month and two pistols. authorities could have warned him before destroying everything. >> they could have called us. >> you need necessary permits and you need to follow the ordinance and that was not done. >> officers arrested two men and the man in charge of the pot grow intends to post bail for them and contact his attor
't that a slight to justin bieber? >> bob: do you find it exceptional? >> greg: i want to reiterate there are justin bieber fans -- i'm doing a visual in the shrine. >> i'm surprised they didn't to the gangnam style guy. >> bob: we have to get out of here. there is a big announcement of one member of "the five" family. we'll get right back to you. ♪ >> eric: time for one more thing. bob will start. >> bob: a big announcement to make today. one of our co-host, andrea tantaros, has been awarded and deserves a new radio show, syndicated starting january 2 for talk radio network. she will be on 300 plus stations. congratulations to her. she earned it. here is the important thing. she is not going anywhere. she will be on "the five." she will do 9:00 to noon and back here to help with us "the five." congratulations. you have come a long way, baby. >> eric: congrats. >> greg: i was away on a bus tour. "joy of hate." i was in texas, oklahoma, louisiana. the great thing about doing the tours, people will bake you food like you wouldn't believe. it's good food. they don't try to poison you
. >>> the pope is battling justin bieber. pope benedict xvi gained 2.1 billion followers. justin bieber has more but they say the pope wins on retweets and shows people are looking for more spiritual content. >>> crash sends several people to the hospital, the accident that sent one car into a pole, and one into a sidewalk and a pedestrian traps. >> rail lines could be targeted for terrorists, which lines would be at risk. >>> police are trying to figure out what led to a crash that injured one person after 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. two cars were involved. one smashed into a pole and the other drove up to a sidewalk. three pedestrians were hurt with one trapped underneath the car. no word on the cause of the crash or the conditions of the victims. >>> the fire department is getting a federal grant. the money from the department of homeland security will increase the number of firefighters. they are working to figure out how many firefighters it will be able to hire and rehire with that money. punole fire department received 1.2 million from that same grant. >>> several rail systems could be a ta
kutcher, justin bieber, targets in a hoax. s.w.a.t.'ing. an arrest has been made in these incidents. the person arrested, not even 13 years old. we'll have the latest. >> that's disturbing. >>> we're going to take you behind the scenes of the break-it-or-make-it world of competitive cheering. there are moms, that you'll see on the show that will stop at nothing to make their daughters cheer champions. >>> and katie couric will be coming up, telling us about the biggest moments of 2012. and the celebrity couples that slipped this year. tom cruise and katie holmes. and -- well, they got back together. >>> now, we're going to get news from josh. >> we're going to begin with the snowstorm that sam's been telling us about all morning long. millions of people bracing for a wintry blast of fierce winds, blinding snow, treacherous roads from the rockies east to the great lakes. it's the same storm that slammed the northwest with snow and rain, triggering a mudslide we saw earlier in the program, derailing a freight train. icy roads being blamed for a 60-car pileup in northern california. wh
may hear today in the tv commercials you watch. >>> plot to murder justin bieber. why a man was so determined to kill >>> those annoying super loud commercials should now be a thing of the past. starting today new law says commercials can be no louder than the perhaps they appear in. it is called the calm act. the law governs broadcasters, cable and satellite operators suspected violations can be reported to the fcc on their website. >>> we need to hear sue because she continues to follow weather clear that lane blocked due to fatal accident. >>> still being blocked now, you can see emergency crew lights blinking right lane blocked fatal accident happened before 4:00 this morning, coroner on scene. we are not seeing too much of major back-up especially westbound. once you get past the scene there is minor slowing, still the flat section and highrise booking good, 20 minute drive from east bay towards -- looking no metering lights lights minor back up at bay bridge toll chains on 50 in the sierra. >>> snow up there but it is going to taper during the afternoon hopefully that will ch
band bust. the biggest teen stars on the planet, one direction, the wanted, justin bieber, all passed over for grammy nominations in a stunning shutout. the guys everyone wants for their boyfriend, can't win this one thing. >>> and elizabeth starts off the morning with a ding right there. >> i know. i think i deserve two or three. channeling lara spencer, just back from london. >> everyone back at the desk right now. we're going to be helping robin trim her tree at home later today. >>> but a lot to get to first. new reports on how close syria came to using chemical weapons this week. they actually loaded the deadly gas on to bombs, prepared for launch. and martha raddatz is going to have the latest on that. >> that's a frightening development, something president obama took very seriously. >>> we have a warning this morning that all parents with infants need to here. federal authorities are taking an unprecedented move of suing the manufacturers of infant recliner, saying they are dangerous. i don't know about you guys. but i used these with both of my babies. pretty amazing. >> yeah
and justin bieber love them. they liken them to the skinny jeans trend. >> larry has a pair. >> and in arizona one neighbor thought of matching their flashy decorations, but they said "ditto." it lass just -- it has just 2% of the bulbs used next doors. >> they showcase larry's legs nicely. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> for larry legs biel and good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> tonight on "nightline," holiday horror. there is chaos at a busy mall packed with christmas shoppers, where mass gunmen wearing camouflage enters and opens fire. we'll have the latest on this developing story. the british invasion. it is the most surprising of smash hits on american tv. >> exactly. >> to
. and authorities lay out a murder plot involving justin bieber. and the odd reason they say one man sought to have him killed. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> spreading holiday cheer and lifting spirits for young patients. [ music playing ] >> the group that comes together to help makes christmas brighter for children in the hospital. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. [ music playing ] >>> san francisco general hospital through a holiday party for their youngest parties. some of santa's elves were on hand. animals from the san francisco mobile zoo als
watched video, justin bieber's "baby." >>> a three-time u.s. olympian has admitted she was leading a double life as, all right, are you ready for it? a high-end escort. one of the strangest stories that we've seen all week. we're talking about power house mid distance runner suzy favor hamilton. the smoking gun is reporting she was charging $600 an hour as a call girl or $6,000 for an entire day. now, i want you to keep in mind here, she's married, she has a 7-year-old daughter, and she works at a real estate firm and she's a motivational speaker. does it get any more bizarre? nick valencia is here to talk with me about this. she has an escort name, actually, she didn't use her professional name. >> no, she went by an alias. >> she didn't think she was going to get caught, randi, that's what surprises me. apparently she believed there was this unspoken code by what are called in that field hobbyists and providers. the hobbyists, of course, being the johns, the prostitutes being the providers. and she thought there was this unwritten code between them they wouldn't tell on her. low
for watching, everybody. see you tomorrow. >> dicky: up next on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> jimmy: justin bieber and selena gomez have broken up. she was cheating on him with general petraeus. >> dicky: jessica lange. >> jimmy: was king kong nice? he seemed like he was really nice. >> congratulations, everybody, i'm now on a downward spiral. >> baby, baby, baby and call me in the morning.
teams to the home of justin bieber and ashton kutcher. >> it could be boredom, loneliness, out of desire to be noticed, if not by the immediate family, or not be noticed and get away with it. >> reporter: dr. crespo is a longtime psychologist. >> it would be difficult to conceive that there would be an understanding of all the consequences. >> reporter: the boy that allegedly created this chaos, whose name police haven't released, apparently hacked into the system, sending a message via a teletype machine. sources tell us the boy lived in southern california but not l.a. county. tmz is reporting the child lived in an apartment with his mother, is home schooled, and that they've been visited frequently by child services. >>> well, video of an eagle snatching a baby had a lot of people all over the internet pretty freaked out. >> is it real or is it fake? well, it's fake. we learned today that students at a production school in canada made the video for a 3d animation class. plus, bird experts say there's no way an eagle can lift a child. it's pretty realistic, though. >>> getting cold out
in record time. the top spot was previously held by justin bieber. psy sorted to the top spots.
shot there. baldwin was booked on charges of tax evasion totaling nearly $350,000. >>> jed, justin bieber was snubbed by the grammys. his manager said his frustration. he said he deserved a nomination. is it the beginning of the end for the biebs? say it ain't so. he has so much life left in him. >> it seems immature to go at it with a tweet. >> that's the whole generational thing. it's like scooter is sort of edgy and young. he's going to take it to twit jer and say his peace. ryan seacrest with a big interview with him would have been another way to go. >>> this comes to us from nbc 5 in dallas, texas. in nearby fort worth a young boy was given the sleigh right of a lifetime. 5-year-old zachary who is undergoing cancer treatment has become fascinated by helicopters. he was given the gift of a helicopter tour of the surrounding county's christmas light. zachary strapped, put on his head set and then they were on their way. it made for one amazing night. a brave little boy, i have to say. i'm incredibly afraid of heights. i would freak out. he was excited. >> i don't think i could
." >> sad. i mean, all the divorce talk around the holidays. >> here's good news -- i think that justin bieber is getting back to selena. >> this is good. >> and a friend of mine said that maybe tom cruise and katie holmes are getting back together. i don't see -- >> interesting. >> we'll see how that plays out. i don't know. apparently it was in a tabloid. there you go. >> it's always true, right? >>> this comes from kusa in denver where a family's tradition is seeing a final year. an opulent light display was built for 50 years. what started as one strand of lights has grown to a 70-foot-high, 150,000-light setup. for the past 15 years, he's also collected donations for a local children's hospital. however, herman says that he is getting old, it is time to hang up those lights. that is quite a spectacle. >>> i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "early today," your first stop of the day on your nbc station. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> it is a quiet start to the day. things get more interesting as to move to the afternoon.
and knocked justin bieber off youtube? he is not that bad. >> he does his own choreography. >> this is my point, anti-americannism is fashion. he is a dirt bag, let's admit it. >> he was covered in gold paint and in a tank -- >> you can be the fashion around the world is being anti-american. >> that's because the u.s. military had driven over two 14-year-old south korean girls. they were not punished. >> well they went through the proper proceedings. >> and they got away with it. >> it was an accident. >> what should happen, they should go to jail? they are driving through these tiny roads and the kids scurry out from behind a mountain and sorry. >> it was a big thing in south korea at the time. he is harmless. >> and he does his own choreography. >> what drives me nuts is the only reason general mcarthur stayed there is he had an asian lover joe -- jojo or poo-poo. he was soy name mored and the sex was so intense he stayed there. i don't know, i will save this country. and now they worship us. we have to defend them every time they -- >> have i no idea if this is true. >> it is true. loo
the plot to kill a super star, justin bieber. >> consumer complaints and a warning from police. >> our first check of traffic. looking at the skyway in dun town san francisco, it is bumper to bumper in both directionses on the bay bridge, heading to the east bay. the other side, trying to get to the peninsula and 101 south. it is slow in both directions. stay with us. stay with us. more to come on abc7 at 4:00. ak in very old habits of using toothpaste to clean their denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. >> promising news for the housing market. industry analysts says it's returning to normal. >> 7300 new and existing homes were sold last month. that's down a litt
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